Tierra - Feng Shui Elements
  • Tierra - Feng Shui Elements

Earth - Feng Shui Elements

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5 aluminum tubes, black wood and tiger eye imitation stone

Measures: 38 cm



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The earth symbolizes a nutritive base that allows the seeds to grow. It is the mother who holds everything, so it offers protection, support and food for all living beings. Everything comes from the earth and everything, sooner or later, returns to earth. In terms of human qualities, the earth element is linked to impartiality, pragmatism and tranquility.

What makes the Elements - Earth Wind Bell so special? The original musical scale used was designed through a divination process by casting the I Ching coins and interpreting them. An imitation tiger eye stone gives it the characteristic brown touch of the earth element. Finally, the vane is decorated with its Chinese character. Bring balance and fertility to your home or workplace by hanging this beautiful wind bell.

The tuning of this bell has a lifetime guarantee.

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