Our infusions are a clear commitment to natural flavors: they do not contain added flavors or flavor enhancers. Because you can be original without being artificial. These are our ecological infusions, made with some of our plants and with a lot of love!

Infusions 100% ecological, sustainable and quality, made in Galicia.

100% ecological products We know how good it is for our body and our health to consume natural products, that's why we make sure that Orballo does not enter pesticides, herbicides or synthetic chemicals that are so harmful to health.

100% sustainable products We are lovers of nature and the biodiversity that it offers us. We believe that there is nothing more important than respecting the environment, that is why we are determined to do our bit to change the world, avoiding working with any synthetic additive that destroys the ecosystem.

Products 100% quality. We take care of the entire production process, so we guarantee that our products are picked at the best time and processed with the utmost care. We bet on quality and we bet on our land.

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