Zen Energy puts at your disposal a great variety of Incesarios so that you can choose the ones that best adapt to your needs.

The Censers are any kind of vessels made to burn incense. These boats vary greatly in size, shape and construction material. They can consist of simple clay dishes or fire pots for carved silver or gold cups, a small table better objects of a few centimeters in height for up to several meters in height. In many cultures, the burning of incense has spiritual and religious connotations, and this influences the design and decoration of the censer.

For domestic use of granulated incense, charcoal, small concave briquettes are sold. One lights the corner of the briquette on the fire and then places it in the censer and extinguishes the flame. After the bright sparks pass through the entire briquette, it is ready for the incense to be put into it.

Censers made for incense sticks are also available, which are simply a long, thin plate of wood, metal or ceramic, folded and punched at one end to hold the incense. They serve to catch the ashes of the burning incense stick.

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