Natural Incense H & B

Natural Incense H & B

H & B - Incense that takes care of your health

H & B Incense is a Spanish company based in Alforja (Tarragona), specializing in natural incense. It was born in 2011 with the premise of offering an incense free of chemical substances, for which it designs a series of fragrances based on wild aromatic plants and spices that are combined with resins and floral essences. It has been more than a decade since incense is an upward product. However, the lack of regulation and the complete absence of controls, makes that in its manufacture most brands use various chemical substances highly toxic to health, such as: diethyl sulfate: a solvent declared by the WHO as a carcinogen, the benzoic acid: a chemical preservative whose toxicity directly affects the blood, and formaldehyde: a highly irritating chemical substance widely used for the production of resins and that, mainly, is the cause of both the irritation of the respiratory pits and the eyes. This worrying reality motivated H & B Incense to undertake a project whose purpose was to offer a product that respects the environment, that maintains the medicinal properties of its plants and is, above all, healthy for people.

To achieve this goal, H & B Incense prioritizes the quality of its raw materials and focuses on the mixtures of spices, roots and wild aromatic plants to enhance the traditional aromas of India and achieve new fragrances whose main characteristic lies in the harmony of their properties relaxing as well as the ability to create clean and unloaded spaces, thanks to the content of plants and natural resins.

The manufacturing process

The incense H & B is manufactured by a family company of modest productions, which allows the use of natural products instead of the chemical oils used by large manufacturers to emulate the scents of nature. These differences are clearly noticeable in the quality and fidelity of each of the aromas, which tend to be much more delicate, lingering long in the spaces providing a sense of harmony and serenity.

In the first place, it is important to mention that many of the plants are totally wild and are collected directly in the mountains, as well as that the woods that are used belong to trees that have been dead for several years. The manufacturing process begins with the collection of raw materials: from spices, natural resins and aromatic woods to a wide variety of herbs, medicinal plants and fruit peels ... It is necessary to separate flowers, stems, leaves and the roots according to the part that you want to use.

Incense Making

Many of these ingredients are necessary to let them dry. Once the drying process has elapsed, all the ingredients are ground separately until a fine powder is obtained. With this powder the mixtures are made to achieve the desired fragrance and then natural resins and charcoal that is extracted from the coconut shell are added. After this process a thick paste is obtained which is the one that will be rolled manually in the bamboo sticks. Once they have been shaped, they are left to dry in the sun for several months (the drying time is very variable and depends on the season of the year, the humidity and the temperature of the moment). Once the pasta has dried, they are ready to pack.

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