Koh Do

Koh Do

Introduction to the world of Japanese incense. The design is based on masterpieces of Japanese art and contains high quality traditional incense in smaller and more affordable packaging. You may find an aroma that goes with your personality and you want to enjoy it more, or that becomes an integral part of your home. In that case you might be interested in buying it in a big box because in Japan the incense of daily use is sold in boxes with 300 or more bars (see Traditional Incense).

The ten virtues of incense

compiled by a Zen monk of the 16th century

Facilitates communication with the transcendent

Purify body and mind

It gives a clean feeling

Keeps the mind alert

It accompanies us in solitude

Brings peace in the daily hustle

When it abounds, it does not tire

When it is scarce, a little bit also satisfies

Still stored for a long time, it maintains its aroma

Using it daily does not hurt

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