The Himalayan Salt Lamp, harmonizes and balances our environment and the people who inhabit it, are great energy transmuters and in addition to Harmonize and Balance our energy, they help us a lot in all aspects of our health, they purify the air we breathe , they balance the energy, they absorb the humidity of the environment, they eliminate germs and bacteria around them, They are a great tool that help us to improve our quality of life.

Salt lamps help us to prevent stress, fatigue, allergies, respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, bronchiolitis and insomnia. They are ideal to take care of our health and especially the health of our children, we recommend for our children's rooms these SALT LAMPS, all natural, in different models and sizes, they allow us to neutralize the POSITIVE IONS (that emit the electrical devices like computers , tv, etc. of our HOME) in NEGATIVE IONS, which create a beneficial microclimate, thus favoring our quality of life.

The rocks of white and pink color, project a dim light that harmonizes the environment and relaxes our body and mind, are very beneficial and highly recommended for Feng Shui of our home and our workplaces, helping economic opening, love and the health of our families.

Authentic salt lamps from the Himalayas, with them we develop Halotherapy: a complementary natural treatment that consists of reproducing the microclimate of underground salt mines and breathing an environment saturated with microparticles of 100% natural rock salt, of mineral origin. Clinically recognized as an effective and drug-free treatment for patients with respiratory disorders and allergies among others.

Each lamp comes complete with luminaire, bulb and plug.

Instead of selling them by size we sell them by approximate weight, that is why each lamp is a unique piece.

• Beneficial for health: clean air for the lungs.

• 100% natural rock salt.

• Traps negative ions.

Selenite lamps:

It is proven that the negative ions emitted by these lamps can provide a considerable improvement in cases of allergies, headaches and migraines, reducing the severity of asthma attacks, strengthening the immune system, increasing productivity at work, strengthening concentration and even reducing the susceptibility to the flu.

There is therapy through colors, in this case white (selenite) is the color of purity, healing and cleanliness.

The white light (selenite), on the other hand, reinforces the concentration and helps in the clarity of ideas. Enriched by these therapeutic properties, the mineral lamps create a tenuous and very peaceful atmosphere, achieving a pleasant and natural environment that favors the environment and achieves a beneficial effect on the physical and emotional state.

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