Nag Champa

Nag Champa

Nag Champa is probably the best-selling incense on the entire planet! We should all keep it as a special item.

The original blue package is created with the design of Satya Sai Baba that possesses one of the entire lines of incense and other perfumed products with this unmistakable fragrance.

"Nag Champa" is a very special perfume created in the Hindu and Buddhist Monasteries of India and Nepal. The essential base is sandalwood, to which is added a variety of flower oil, including also the Champac flower.

Each monastery has it and its secret formula is not revealed to anyone who does not ask for it!

The sacred tree belongs to the magnolia family and measures about 30m in height. Its flower is yellow and star-shaped, which is the source of the perfume. They can be observed frequently in the Temples, the wood they usually use to make paintings, drums, etc ...

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