Shambhala Barcelona

Shambhala Barcelona

Shambhala Barcelona was born in 2015.

We are a team of yoga lovers that promotes a healthy, active and conscious lifestyle. Our ideas are inspired as spiritual explorers who not only care about their outer selves, but also their inner selves. We have created a clothing line with the combination of our passion for yoga and our infinite curiosity for the mysteries of life, made especially for the brave and free yogi.

As a conscious and environmentally friendly brand, we inspire people to move around, offering elegant and practical clothing. We believe that by improving your experience with yoga and promoting a healthy lifestyle, we foster an inspiring path to personal development.

Being a conscious and environmentally conscious brand, we want to inspire people to move, and to find in physical activity and yoga a form of personal discovery, giving them the latest in design and functionality in sportswear.

Yoga is for us a way to discover ourselves, a way to cultivate that energy that connects us with our inner divine energy. When we connect with this energy, we not only raise ourselves but also those around us. We raise our vibrations to live a life full of synchronicities and with one purpose: to live with love and share the light that is within us all.

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