What is Energia Zen?

que es el zen

We are an online store specializing in articles and accessories related to the ZEN way of life.

Zen philosophy is a way of life and focus of reality, which has been accepted and appreciated in the West

Our products, which you can acquire through our website in an intuitive way and with total security; imported directly from the distant, millennial and modern East; they will help you and serve you for your enjoyment, practice and well-being.

Hoping that our products chosen with care and care that inspire Meditation, bring you relaxation, peace and joy at all levels, we are at your disposal for any questions.

Namaste from the Zen Energy team.

What is Zen?

que es energia zen

Zen is a school of Buddhism that seeks wisdom beyond reason, moving away from rational or intellectual knowledge, seeking personal growth through the experience of internal self-knowledge

It pursues the essence of reality, and through it the world or environment.

Only to the extent that we have a healthy and open mind can we have access to a reality and a world that is also healthy and free of concerns, anxieties and stress.

The foundation to get a healthy and free mind, to obtain a healthy and balanced life perspective is meditation, hence the word Zen comes. The end of Zen is Nirvana or Illumination, which is equivalent to acquiring full awareness of what what one is

This is the way to discover the happiness of living fully the moment, hence Zen philosophy is also known as the philosophy of "here and now". Lighting in Zen does not mean withdrawing from the world, but quite the opposite, implies an active participation in daily life.

And this is where we come in ...