Yin Yang Yoga Mat

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Our revolutionary mat!

· Impressive adhesion

· Endorsed by OEKO-TEX 100, class I

· 100% biodegradable

· Made of vegetable raw materials: Natural latex

· Very pleasant to the touch

Color: eggplant / petrol

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We present the revolutionary Yin Yang

Yin Yang is the success after a decade of research and sale of yoga mats of many brands and materials. Its benefits compared to other mats in the market are many, the most outstanding:

· Ultra soft touch Very nice to the skin.

· Optimal grip Superior to all PVC, TPE or cotton mats, and from the first use onwards. There is no need for a previous wash or a time of wear to get a better grip.

· Ambivalent. The two sides of the mat are exactly the same, this allows using both sides with the same efficiency. A very valuable advantage in the practice of more active disciplines such as Ashtanga Yoga or Dynamic Yoga. When one side is wet with sweat the mat is turned over and you keep practicing without slipping.

· Natural material. The mat is made of 100% natural latex, good for the environment and good for your health.


NO Phthalates


WITHOUT Bisphenol A


NO heavy metals such as cadmium, lead or mercury

Yin Yang mats are approved according to the OEKO-TEX® 100 Class I standard, which prohibits or limits the use of toxic substances for all articles, raw materials and accessories that are in direct contact with the skin.

· Made in Spain. Unlike the vast majority of mats in the market, which are manufactured in Asia. Continuing with our commitment to the environment, as we save on the cost of intercontinental transport. And we bring wealth to the country.


· Impressive adhesion

· 100% biodegradable

· Made of vegetable raw materials: Natural latex

· Very pleasant to the touch

· made in Spain

· Machine washable

Measure: 183cm x 61cm x 4mm

Approx weight: 1570g

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