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Black Mat PRO

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Legendary yoga mat for its high quality and great durability. The legendary Black Mat PRO mat, with a simple and elegant design, is recognized as one of the best mats in the world of yoga. Its dense, thick and non-slip consistency makes it offer incomparable comfort and superior cushioning.

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Simply divine, the Manduka eco Mat conscious MAT Mat 180cm imposes a strong presence while adding a touch of softness. Sure your color will meet your highest demands and deepen your practice.

Dense and thick, offers comfort and cushioning without equal. Its superior anti-slip finish, together with its elegant and simple design, will revolutionize your practice.

And best of all, it now comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

When you want the best yoga mat, the mat chosen by yoga teachers all over the world, there is really only one choice: the Manduka mat The PRO Mat, for your practice and for our planet.

Measures Manduka PRO Standard: 180 x 66 cm x 6mm.

Weight: 3.4 Kg.

Improve your practice and protect our planet.

Superior quality and comfort, cushions and softens the spine, hips, knees and elbows on hard floors.

Non-slip, is one of the favorites among yoga practitioners with heat, such as Bikram or Power Yoga, or fluid styles, such as Yoga Vinyasa.

Conscious and sustainable eco-waste zero.

Resistant to slips and adhesion, even when wet by perspiration.

Superior durability, backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Oeko Tex certificate, production without toxic emissions.

100% latex free

High density padding, for an incomparable experience: protection of the joints and versatility on any surface (cement, tile, carpet, floor ...)

Area of ​​cells closed to prevent moisture and sweat from entering the mat, preventing the generation of bacteria.

Quality material for a high level of sustainability, your Manduka PROlite® mat does not break, crack or lose color. Its lifetime warranty defies the throwaway philosophy: its long life reduces waste and consumption in landfills.



- How to tame your mat

The texture of the non-slip model The Black Mat PRO improves with use. His followers have discovered that the best way to "tame" is to practice daily. Another trick is to spread coarse salt on the mat, "exfoliate" it with a sponge and let it dry in the sun.

- How to store your mat

Roll your mat The PRO Mat with the top part out. This will keep the corners flat during your practice.

- How to clean your mat

We recommend using any non-solvent cleaner with a sponge or damp cloth and let it dry in the sun.

DO NOT CLEAN your mat with a hose, in the bathtub or in the shower, do not put it in the washing machine or pass the vacuum cleaner on it. I could break the machine and ruin your mat.



Manduka guarantees that your Black Mat® PRO and PROlite yoga mats have no defects and last a lifetime, if used carefully and appropriately:

If your mat does not meet the quality requirements Manduka at the time of receiving it, they change it for another, it does not matter where you bought it.

If your mat is worn out by normal use, under normal conditions, they will exchange it for another, it does not matter where you bought it.

Damages resulting from improper use or poor care, alterations made after purchase or use other than for which it was created, are not covered by the Manduka Guarantee.



Manduka PRO Series mats have been designed to last a lifetime (or two), reduce the amount of PVC mats that reach landfills every year and reduce their consumption.

In addition, its manufacturing process ensures that no toxic elements are emitted into the atmosphere, something unusual in the production of PVC products.

They have the OEKO-TEX Certificate, which ensures their safety for human use.