Morning Star Sándalo 50
  • Morning Star Sándalo 50

Morning Star Sandalwood 50

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Quantity: 50 bars

Duration: 30 minutes

Made in: Japan

Fragrance: Sandalwood

Each box includes a small porcelain censer.



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Classic Japanese incense, soft and sweet aroma, wood type, whose aroma lasts for a long time. Its perfume is a powerful relaxing of the mind and body, facilitates rest and is used to concentrate or meditate.

Sandalwood has been valued for centuries for its fragrance, and medicinal properties, and is considered a sacred tree.

In Japan, this aromatic wood is called "Byakudan", which means "Flavored white wood".

The bark of the Sandalwood tree is ash white and the surface has a smooth texture. The leaves and bark of the tree have almost no smell, however the center of the trunk is very aromatic.