Ganga Yamuna
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Ganga Yamuna

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Ganga Yamuna

Weight: 20 Grams

Number of incense sticks: 18 units approx.

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For the Hindus, the river Ganges personifies to Ganga, goddess of the purification. Faith in the purifying properties of the river comes from the refreshing power of its waters. Many Hindu customs are based on the conviction that power is hot and that, if it is bad, it can be counteracted by the freshness of water. The Hindus also believe that, if they are cremated on the banks of the river and their ashes are dispersed in it, their soul will be freed from the cycle of reincarnation and access to paradise, or Nirvana.

Its fragrance is fresh as it is composed of a mixture of aromatic herbs with medicinal properties.

With a very intense and lasting aroma. Ideal for energy cleaning of heavily loaded spaces. Base of benzoin resin, seasoned with honey, rosemary, myrtle and bergamot. Fresh and penetrating smell.