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copy of YOGITOES Anti-slip Towel Mat - CALM

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Standard: 0.5 kg; 172 cm x 61 cm

Sustainable, soft, hygienic and absorbent

Light and fantastic to travel

Non-slip patented technology that uses 100% silicone cores to hold the towel on your mat, floor or carpet

Made from recycled bottles, with an energy use 66% lower than normal

No azo dyes, no dyes with lead or heavy metals

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These precious organic yoga towels offer the Skidless technology patented by Manduka. Yogitoes are fastened to your mat and prevent you from slipping, regardless of your movements or sweat.

To use: Put your yogito towel on top of your mat or floor, with the stitches underneath. There are people who start with a towel dry yogitoes, while others prefer to moisten the areas under the hands and feet before starting. When you finish the workout, avoid rolling the yogitoes towel with your mat.

To wash: Cold wash with clothes of similar colors. More intense colors may need more separate washings to remove leftover dyes. You can use a dryer or tend to dry. Do not use bleach. Do not use dryer sheets, fabric softeners or detergents with fabric softener, as they will make the surface slippery. Because the loss of dye may continue beyond the initial separate washings, be careful when practicing with mats and light-colored clothing.

Each yogitoes towel is manufactured based on at least eight discarded plastic bottles, thus avoiding their presence in landfills or contaminating the ocean. The recycled bottles are incorporated into a 50% polyester fabric, a process in which 66% less energy is used. The colors, vivid and intense, are produced without azo dyes, without lead or heavy metals to protect our workers, customers and the environment. Only recycled paper certified by the FSC is used. For Manduka, sustainability is more than a word - they are inspired by it.

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