Lota Nasal Cerámica
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Lota Nasal Ceramic

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It allows performing nasal cleansing or Jala Neti, one of the different 'Kriyas' for the purification and detoxification of the body. It also helps to improve the symptoms of sinusitis, rhinitis, asthma, nasal congestion.

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The attractive ceramic Nasal Lota is excellent for an effective and lasting nasal irrigation. Its regular use is ideal to prevent, relieve and cure colds, congestions, infections and even helps to eradicate allergic symptoms in a natural way. By deeply cleaning the nasal cavities and cranial sinuses, the Lota Nasal Cerámica opens the mind and brings energetic benefits to your daily well-being.

Material: Ceramic, decorated with a beautiful mandala.

Capacity: 250 ml

More information

The lota or Neti, is used for yogic nasal cleansing (Jala Neti). It is a purificatory technique known for millennia and is used to clean the nasal cavities. The lota is made of ceramic and has a capacity of 350 ml. A regular practice of Jala Neti helps to balance the temperature and humidity conditions that the nose needs to function properly. For the use of the Lota, it is necessary to add warm water and slightly salty to 0.9% (neti or lota container). Inclining the head laterally and to the side, place the beak of the container in one of the nostrils, passing the saline solution from one of the pits to the opposite pit, causing the liquid to flow out through the latter, while breathing through the mouth. . The water is passed in both directions so that the cleaning is complete. Then it ends with a proper drying of the nose.

Yoga has a repertoire of body purification techniques (kriyas) that try to keep the body in optimal functioning, as an instrument of manifestation of life. These purification techniques are body cleansing routines, to help the body eliminate toxins and to function as a suitable instrument for the expression of vital energy.

Through a very simple, practical, safe and very useful technique, the use of the lota allows to increase the respiratory capacity (quantity and quality) and helps to prevent and improve many types of disorders such as allergies, nasal congestion, colds, asthma, sinusitis , chronic nasal blockages, expiration through the mouth, in addition to cleaning the accumulated smog (pollution) and, in short, feeling the fresh and pure air connecting with the breath and increasing the vital energy of the whole organism. Likewise, the effects of the practice of Jala Neti in relieving mental tensions and headaches are well known. According to yoga, other energy benefits are added to these physical benefits, helping to balance the energies of the body (prana) and balancing the mind.

This technique can be performed daily as an integral part of the yogic discipline and through its practice benefits are obtained for health care and psychological well-being.

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