Oedo-Koh Incienso Crisantemo
  • Oedo-Koh Incienso Crisantemo

Oedo-Koh Incense Chrysanthemum

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Wooden box with 60 bars and incesario
Quantity: 60 bars
Burning time: 12 min. approximately.
Made in: Japan


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It is said that the gardeners of Komagome and Sugamo, near Edo, unleashed the madness of the chrysanthemum. Fans of fantasy and spectacular, the inhabitants of Edo loved these beautiful and fragrant flowers showing them in various forms. Since ancient times it was believed that chrysanthemums prolonged life and, during the Edo period, the Festival of the Chrysanthemums became a party where they drank chrysanthemum sake infused with medicinal flowers. The soft and refreshing aroma of the chrysanthemum will delight you like the inhabitants of the old Edo.

The people of Edo loved chrysanthemums for their beauty and for being a symbol of longevity. Its fragrance is soft, refreshing and invigorating.

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