Oedo-Koh Incienso Gota de Agua
  • Oedo-Koh Incienso Gota de Agua

Oedo-Koh Water Drop Incense

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Wooden box with 60 bars and incesario
Quantity: 60 bars
Burning time: 12 min. approximately.
Made in: Japan


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In the Edo period (1603-1868) people did not have a bathroom at home and public toilets were built. There were about 600 in Edo. At the beginning they were steam baths and later large bathtubs were built where they cleaned together naked regardless of age, gender or rank: the bathhouse was an egalitarian place. It seems that a perfumed lotion made with floral essences distilled with the Japanese ranbiki still was also popular.

This fragrance has the warm and friendly glow of the moment you leave the bathroom.

In the bustle of the bathhouse, neighbors laugh and splash together. A warm and pleasant fragrance for after the bath.

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