Oedo-Koh Incienso Pino
  • Oedo-Koh Incienso Pino

Oedo-Koh Pine Incense

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Wooden box with 60 bars and incesario
Quantity: 60 bars
Burning time: 12 min. approximately.
Made in: Japan


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Traditionally it is believed that kami (deities) live in evergreens. The word matsu means both "pine" and "wait" (for the deity to appear). The pine, together with bamboo and plum trees, form the trio of happiness trees. Also the union of the pine and the crane is considered auspicious. During the New Year celebrations, pine decorations are used and a monumental pine is also painted on the backdrop of the Noh stage: all this expresses the association of pine with luck and long life. In the ukiyo-e engravings of the Edo period, the pines, boldly represented in the midst of people going from one place to another, are a classic theme. Enjoy the refreshing smell of pine, the tree that protects the walkers and ensures a happy return home.

This energetic and refreshing aroma evokes the pines that in the old Edo lined the busy roads, guarding and protecting travelers.

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