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Copper scraper

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Scraper, copper

The scraping of the tongue - a thousand-year-old yogic practice.

Long-lasting device

Material: Copper

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The daily cleaning of the language is a well-established practice in Eastern countries, but it has taken longer to become popular here in the West. Even so, it is an essential part of our oral hygiene and we will see why.

In the upper part of the tongue a layer consisting of dead cells, remains of food and hundreds of thousands of bacteria, alive and dead, along with chemical residues such as sulfides, produced by these same bacteria. Studies have concluded that there is an average concentration of 100 bacteria per epithelial cell, a population of very dense bacteria.

When it is not cleaned, this coating becomes thick and is one of the main causes of bad odor. As a side effect, when the taste buds are covered with these remnants, the taste is affected as well. This unpleasant taste is increased when certain foods or drinks are consumed. Last, but not least, many of us sleep with our mouths open, which ends in an unpleasant awakening of dry mouth and bad taste.

Brushing the tongue with a toothbrush helps reduce the tongue coating, but a tongue cleaner is much more effective.

First, use the toothbrush to clean the surface of the tongue, then use the scraper and you will see the amount of remains that remain even after brushing.

Cleaning with a tongue scraper is a very quick and easy process:

Place the scraper on the back and middle of the tongue, being careful not to get too far, and pass the scraper forward, gently, removing the layer of debris. Wash the rest of the spatula with running water, then scrape each side of the tongue again. No need to scrape too much. Repeat the process until no dirt comes out and rinse the mouth with water. It is recommended to do this in the morning and in the afternoon.

If you feel any discomfort, such as dry mouth or bad taste, a mid-morning cleaning will help. This is a good practice, especially if you go through a time of stress because the layer of bacteria tends to increase during these processes.

This cleaner is made with copper from India.